Pineapple Linocut Print

Pineapple Linocut Print

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An original, handmade, limited-edition signed and numbered linocut print of a pineapple on 80gsm Japanese Washi paper.

Limited edition of 100. Each print is signed and hand numbered by the artist (me!).

This is an original print rather than a reproduction. Each picture in an edition is carefully hand-printed, signed and numbered, so there are little variations and no two are exactly the same - you’ll be owning or gifting a totally unique original.


Sold in a white mount to fit a 10 x 8 inch frame.
Actual size of the print, without the mount, is 6.5 x 4.5 inches (approx 16.5 x 11.5cm).


I made this pineapple print in the height of summer. Not only do I love pineapples, but they're probably the most iconic tropical fruit and they're really fun to draw! Even in colder times of year looking at this print makes me feel summery and happy.

This print is based on my original sketch and is carved into a piece of lino with a set of gouge tools. The carved lino block is then inked up and hand printed onto traditional Japanese Washi printing paper (which is a very smooth and thin specialist printmaking paper). If you'd like to see more of how this process works, have a look on my 'about me' page where you'll find photos and a full description of the process.

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