Swallow Linocut Print

Swallow Linocut Print



An original, handmade, limited-edition signed and numbered linocut print of a swallow on 80gsm Japanese Washi paper.

Limited edition of 100. Each print is signed and hand numbered by the artist (me!).

This is an original print rather than a reproduction. Each picture in an edition is carefully hand-printed, signed and numbered, so there are little variations and no two are exactly the same - you’ll be owning or gifting a totally unique original.


Sold in a white mount to fit a 10 x 8 inch frame (approx 25.5 x 20cm).
Actual size of the print, without the mount, is 7 x 5.5 inches (approx 18 x 14cm).


I wanted to make a print of a swallow because I was interested in the symbols associated with traditional tattoo art and I think the printed texture helps convey the vintage feel.

This print is based on my original sketch and is carved into a piece of lino with a set of gouge tools. The carved lino block is then inked up and hand printed onto traditional Japanese Washi printing paper (which is a very smooth and thin specialist printmaking paper).


All my prints are based on my original sketches and I love seeing the ideas I have in my head come to life, layer by layer. I work on my sketches to identify areas of contrast, texture, or colour that will work well in a print, before transferring the design to a lino block and carving it with special gouging tools. Peeling the paper back from the block to reveal the first print of an edition never loses its excitement.

When carving a linocut, you cut out areas that you don't want to show and leave the areas that you do, incorporating texture and pattern. Particularly detailed areas, like feathers and fur, can take days to carve out, but it's a relaxing process.

I print completely by hand and use high quality artists inks to ensure your prints have vibrant lightfast colours. The ink colours are mixed on a perspex square and then rolled onto the lino block with an ink roller (brayer). A sheet of paper is then lined up carefully and placed on top, and I gently but firmly rub the paper onto the lino to transfer the image onto the paper. This process is repeated for every colour in a print, as each colour has to be carved out of a separate lino block and carefully lined up with the layer before, with drying time in between.

Finished prints are hung up on a drying line, with each one clipped onto the line with a tiny clothes peg. I find the tiny clothes pegs really adorable so this part always makes me happy. When they're dry (which can take a very long time with oil based inks!) I examine each print to check quality and those that pass the test are signed and numbered.

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