Whale Linocut Print

Whale Linocut Print



An original, handmade, limited-edition signed and numbered linocut print of a whale on 80gsm Japanese Washi paper.

Limited edition of 100. Each print is signed and hand numbered by the artist (me!).

This is an original print rather than a reproduction. Each picture in an edition is carefully hand-printed, signed and numbered, so there are little variations and no two are exactly the same - you’ll be owning or gifting a totally unique original.


Sold in a white mount to fit a 10 x 8 inch frame.
Actual size of the print, without the mount, is 6.5 x 4.5 inches (approx 16.5 x 11.5cm).


I wanted to draw and make a print of a whale because I was interested to capture the textures they have on their belly and sides. I also really like their eyes and wanted to play with the shapes of the waves around the body. Whales are so big, but I wanted to capture them in this small size print.

This print is based on my original sketch and is carved into a piece of lino with a set of gouge tools. The carved lino block is then inked up and hand printed onto traditional Japanese Washi printing paper (which is a very smooth and thin specialist printmaking paper). If you'd like to see more of how this process works, have a look on my 'about me' page where you'll find photos and a full description of the process.

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